PTSD Support Groups on Facebook

On Facebook, there are several PTSD Support Groups. I was quite impressed with the intensity and the genuine support given to each other no matter what a person maybe going through at the time.  Several topics include “Is there a cure?”, “What is the difference between PTSD from abuse and veteran ptsd?” , “What medications work best? Will it work for me- it is making me feel weird.”

One person was in crisis mode and the administration stepped in and privately contacted them with specific options for the person to get help as soon as possible.

Administration has also deleted inappropriate comments, some that concerned religious comments that made the person feel much worse then when they posted their original comment. The administrator has dealt wit  PTSD for many years and knows the ins and outs.

The posts are often given a “Trigger Warning” in the heading, knowing that fellow supporters may feel triggered by details in the post.

There are different kinds of PTSD, from childhood physical or sexual abuse, veteran combat, trauma, accidents, disasters, fires, loss of loved ones. But the symptoms are consistent which may or may not include fight or flight response, night terrors, depression, social anxiety, general anxiety. One may feel that the safety net that one felt in life has now disappeared and another tragedy lies just around the corner. Often a combination of face-to-face therapy and medications can help heal a person. Therapy through service dogs can work wonders. However, there is no cure for PTSD. I myself have had it all my life. You learn to live with the disorder, learn to spot the triggers. You learn to take care of yourself. You CAN live a happy life with a fulfilling job and family.

I found these groups to be generally an enormous help for people dealing with these issues. You can see that you are not struggling alone. Trouble is there are not that many therapists ( at least when I was hunting for one), who specialize in PTSD therapy and this is a welcome resource!



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